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Bedroom bliss: Curating a haven of indulgence with luxury beds

The average Brit spends 27 years of their life in bed, which is almost three times longer than work, and nine times more time than they spend on holiday, and yet so many people don’t realise just how much difference a luxury bed and mattress could make to the quality of sleep.

We spend hours and hours researching, perusing and considering our perfect holiday, car or job, yet often neglect to invest time in purchasing the perfect bed, even though sleep quality can have a huge impact on work, relationships and physical and mental wellbeing.

With research suggesting that over a third of Brits can attribute physical and mental health issues to a lack of sleep, taking the time and investing in luxury to create a haven in your bedroom could genuinely lead to a happier, and healthier life.

Choosing a bed for style and sleep

When creating your luxury haven and purchasing a premium bed, there are so many options available to choose from.  Your choice will depend on your taste, style and also other considerations including the need for storage.

01. Platform beds

Supportive and stylish, platform beds are a great way to make a statement when building your sleep haven. Platform beds have a built-in headboard and footboard and create a contemporary, minimalist look. Their low centre of gravity and sturdy frame make them a good choice for very active sleepers, who toss and turn in the night as they provide additional support and stability. Platform beds also often come with storage solutions under the mattress, helping to keep your luxury sleep haven tidy.

02. Sleigh beds

Sleigh beds are an elegant focal point for your bedroom, with stunning curved headboards and footboards that ooze sophistication and add a true touch of class to your bedroom. They are robust and sturdy, standing the test of time as they are versatile in style and function. Their design dictates that they may take up more room in your bedroom than other styles of bed, so be sure to carefully consider the space available, and measure up with this in mind.

If you’re one of the 71 percent of Brits who do not have the recommended amount of sleep each night and want to avoid experiencing sleep-related mental and physical health repercussions, then a luxury bed could go a long way to helping you on the path to good sleep habits. A luxury bed is more than just a place to collapse each night, it’s an investment in your long-term wellbeing, helping you to create the perfect sleepscape night after night.

Comfort for today and tomorrow

Luxury beds outshine their cheaper counterparts in terms of comfort. Built with materials designed for durability, these beds offer enduring comfort. You’re almost certainly going to spend more time in your bed than on any other piece of furniture in your house, and as such, you want a bed that is going to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life and provide you with comfort and relaxation, creating a haven for good sleep. Purchasing a cheaper bed could save you pennies in the short term, but you’ll likely need to replace it much sooner, leading to further expense and decreased comfort.

Style and substance

Luxury beds boast finesse and substance that mass-produced beds lack. Constructed from high-quality materials, they not only look exquisite but are also robustly built for a premium look and feel. Investing in a luxury bed not only creates a stunning aesthetic, to meet your exacting style and personality but also provides durability and comfort that you may not get from a cheaper, mass-produced equivalent.

03. Headboards and footboards

Headboards and footboards are a great way to inject your taste and style into your sleepscape. Crafted from a range of premium materials, including plush fabrics with sleek and elegant styling, they turn your bed into a true statement piece in your bedroom.

04. Beds with storage solutions

You’ll likely want to create a calming and relaxing ambience in your bedroom, to help you drift off into a good night’s sleep, which is why beds with storage solutions can help you keep your haven clutter and mess-free. When choosing your luxury bed, many styles offer additional storage, with some built-in under the mattress, for items you don’t need readily, and others with accessible drawers for everyday access.

04. Coloured bed frames

Coloured bed frames are an excellent way to create a theme and style in your bedroom.  From dusky pinks to duck egg hues, your bed frame can perfectly complement your aesthetic and exude style.  Consider other furnishings, flooring and wall colour when compiling your sleep haven, and opt for calming and subtle shades to create a relaxing atmosphere perfect to recharge your batteries.

05. Fabrics and textures

Your bed frame represents your style and personality. So if you’re going for a natural or rustic feel, you may wish to opt for a wooden bed frame. For a more cosy vibe, consider the addition of velvets and cottons.

How to dress your bed for ultimate luxury

Your bedroom is more than just a place to sleep; it’s your sanctuary and personal retreat. Choosing luxury bedding and dressing your bed to match your style can go a long way to creating a calm and tranquil space.

01. Buying a luxury mattress that will last years

The average mattress endures over 20,000 hours in its average 7-year lifespan and can make a huge impact on the quality of your sleep. Luxury mattresses tend to be much more comfortable and durable than lower-cost equivalents and are better for those who have posture and back pain issues. Opt for a mattress made from high-quality materials and one with hypoallergenic properties to help you wake up rested and recharged.

02. Choosing the right sheets and bedding

Luxury bedding isn’t just about how it looks, it’s about how it feels. High-thread-count sheets, plush duvets, and sumptuous pillows provide a sensory experience that helps you to sink into a great night’s sleep.

03. Colour themes and personal styling

Colours play a crucial role in influencing mood, which is particularly important in the bedroom when preparing for a good night’s sleep. To create a calm and serene environment, opt for relaxing hues-soft blues, muted greens, or gentle neutrals. To create aesthetic harmony, coordinate your bedding with the overall palette in your bedroom.

04. Throw pillows – how many are too many?

Throw pillows can add volume and presence to your bed, and make it look truly inviting. There’s no hard and fast rule about how many throw pillows you should have, and it comes down to personal taste and the time available to make your bed. We’d recommend aiming for a balanced look, combining symmetry with the right amount of pillows to make a statement. Choose fabrics that complement your other soft furnishings and colours that bring your space to life.

05. Fabrics and textures

Your bed frame represents your style and personality. So if you’re going for a natural or rustic feel, you may wish to opt for a wooden bed frame. For a more cosy vibe, consider the addition of velvets and cottons.

Beyond the bed: Must-have soft furnishings

Creating your perfect sleep haven extends beyond your bed and mattress. Several other soft furnishings and additions can truly make for a calm and inviting space, conducive to good sleep, that reflects your personality.

01. Soft lighting for better sleep

Soft lighting is a crucial element for promoting relaxation and aiding in a better night’s sleep. Use warm and ambient light sources like bedside lamps or wall-mounted lighting with dimmer switches. This will help you strike the right balance and level of lighting for your needs. A bedside lamp is perfect if you like to read before sleep, and choosing a reading light will help you avoid straining your eyes ahead of a restful night’s sleep.

02. Clutter-free storage solutions

A cluttered room can create a cluttered mind, and keeping your bedroom free of clutter contributes to a calming atmosphere, essential for quality sleep. Invest in smart storage solutions like under-bed drawers, wall-mounted shelves, or built-in wardrobes to keep belongings organised and out of sight. A tidy space minimises distractions, allowing you to focus on relaxing and unwinding.

03. Curtains and blinds for privacy

When curating your haven of indulgence, privacy is paramount. Opt for curtains or blinds that are not only aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the style of your room,  but also provide effective light control and privacy. Consider blackout curtains or blinds to block out unwanted external light, creating an optimal sleep environment.

04. Pictures and wall hangings

Pictures and wall hangings can add a personal touch to your bedroom. Select calming and soothing artwork or family photos to create a space that feels uniquely yours. Keep in mind that the key is moderation – avoid overcrowding the walls with too many items, striking a balance between comforting familiar faces and happy memories with a calming and tastefully furnished haven.

Choose your beds and create your haven today

Selecting the right bed is integral to curating a bedroom haven. At The Sleep Co, we understand the importance of a restful sanctuary, and our luxury bed collection is designed to provide you with the perfect night’s sleep in your haven.

Explore our selection of beds crafted from premium materials, providing the utmost comfort and durability. With a focus on style and substance, our luxury beds offer a finesse that goes beyond mass-produced alternatives. Each bed is crafted to look incredible but also built to provide enduring comfort.

Investing in our luxury beds is a long-term commitment to quality and well-being, helping you rest assured you’ve made the right choice for a good night’s sleep, night after night.

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