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10 reasons to buy a luxury bed

A good night’s sleep can make or break your day, yet 7.5 million people in the UK have less than five hours of sleep a night. Poor sleep can have a notable impact on mental health, and concentration and lead to burnout, with over a third of Brits believing to suffer physical and mental health problems that could be attributed to lack of sleep.

There are many different reasons why people don’t get the recommended seven to nine hours each night, but making sure you lay on a comfortable bed designed to meet your individual needs can help mitigate poor sleep quality, helping you to recharge, unwind, and wake up rested, ready to embrace the day. 

If you’re one of the 71 percent of Brits who do not have the recommended amount of sleep each night and want to avoid experiencing sleep-related mental and physical health repercussions, then a luxury bed could go a long way to helping you on the path to good sleep habits. A luxury bed is more than just a place to collapse each night, it’s an investment in your long-term wellbeing, helping you to create the perfect sleepscape night after night.

Comfort for today and tomorrow

Luxury beds outshine their cheaper counterparts in terms of comfort. Built with materials designed for durability, these beds offer enduring comfort. You’re almost certainly going to spend more time in your bed than on any other piece of furniture in your house, and as such, you want a bed that is going to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life and provide you with comfort and relaxation, creating a haven for good sleep. Purchasing a cheaper bed could save you pennies in the short term, but you’ll likely need to replace it much sooner, leading to further expense and decreased comfort.

Style and substance

Luxury beds boast finesse and substance that mass-produced beds lack. Constructed from high-quality materials, they not only look exquisite but are also robustly built for a premium look and feel. Investing in a luxury bed not only creates a stunning aesthetic, to meet your exacting style and personality but also provides durability and comfort that you may not get from a cheaper, mass-produced equivalent.

Ethical manufacturing

Higher-value and less mass-produced items often come with superior ethics and supply chains, helping you rest peacefully at night knowing that your bed has been produced using ethically sourced and manufactured materials and transportation methods. The higher ticket price reflects the use of responsibly sourced materials, fair wages, and local manufacturing, making it a more ethical choice.

Designed for every body

Everyone is built differently, and everybody has different needs, aches, pains, and nuances. Luxury mattresses and beds are designed with people in mind, offering benefits such as improved spinal support and potential joint relief. The investment in luxury translates to a noticeable difference in how your body feels, having a positive impact on your physical health.

Allergy prevention

Luxury beds are built using premium products and better-quality materials, reducing the risk of allergies. These beds resist the accumulation of pesky allergens that can have a significant impact on your physical health, including dust, mites, and pollen. Luxury mattresses are also easier to clean without compromising quality.

Quality sleep

Most importantly, the biggest advantage of luxury beds is the promise of superior sleep quality. Tailored for maximum comfort, they deliver a sumptuous feel, from the frame to the mattress and bedding, helping you to drift into a good night’s sleep, every night. 


Maximum relaxation

Finding a bed that you look forward to sinking into night after night is a privilege. Creating a luxurious, relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom can have a positive impact on your overall happiness, creating a haven to unwind in. From enjoying a chapter of your book to listening to music, however, you choose to unwind, luxurious beds can make a huge difference to your relaxation levels, ready for a perfect night’s slumber.

Noise reduction

There is nothing worse than being awoken by noises from your bed frame. From getting out of bed to rolling over in the night, movements in bed can create unwanted noise and wake you, or your loved one, creating tension and contributing to poor sleep. Quality-made beds are designed to be solid and sturdy, making noise disturbance a thing of the past.

Long-term investment

Don’t be deterred by the initial high cost of a luxury bed, and instead consider it a long-term investment in your physical and mental health. There are so many benefits to sleeping in a luxury bed that could impact different areas of your life, from your relationship, to work and ultimately your wellbeing. Even better, while mattresses have a lifespan, well-made bed frames can endure, reducing the need for frequent replacements and potential long-term expenses. 

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